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Establishment and aim

In 2015, Euro-ISME’s Board of Directors decided to establish an annual prize for the best thesis on military ethics.

Key Information

Call for Candidature 2019 : Click here to download the short Info-Flyer for the Prize 2019

Deadline for submission: 30 November 2018
Fact Sheet: Click here to download the Regulations for the Prize 2019
Contact email:

The aims of the prize are:

  • to promote an active involvement in the study & application of military ethics,human rights and humanitarian law in a pro-active manner, thus promoting a dialogue on common European values;
  • to promote participation at Euro-ISME annual conferences by military academies and civilian universities;
  • to promote Euro-ISME as relevant player in the field of military ethics;
  • to publish the winning theses as a cahier (paper copy) and on line (open access) in two / three European languages.

Target groups

The target groups consists mainly of: European military officers and students who have written their thesis in pursuit of an Academic Master Degree, and discuss the topic of one of Euro-ISME’s annual conferences.
In civilian terms, this will be a thesis at the level of an Academic Master. The target group of military officers who write a thesis is pertinent, since it consists of those, who will be Europe’s military commanders in the very near future, and who will have to demonstrate honourable behaviour on the battlefield.

We do not formally limit participation to military officers – it may well be that a civilian student may also write an appropriate paper. At this initial stage however, we prioritise the enlistment the interest of European military academies in the prize.


The jury

The jury will consist of seven European experts in the field of military ethics, offering a combination of field experience (the practitioner’s perspective) and the academia (the theoretical perspective). No nation will be represented more than once within the jury, in order to ensure geographical distribution. The chair is held by Colonel Rev. Prof.Dr. P.J. McCormack, MBE, Assistant Chaplain General of the British Armed Forces.

Jury members:

  1. Colonel Rev. Prof. Dr. P.J. McCormack, MBE, (chairman, United Kingdom)
  2. Lt.Col.(Ret) Daniel Beaudoin (France/Israel)
  3. Dr. Veronika Bock (Germany)
  4. Mil Superior MMag. Stefan Gugerel (Austria)
  5. Col. (Ret) Prof.Dr. Boris Kashnikov (Russia)
  6. Dr. Asta Maskaliūnaitė (Estonia)
  7. Prof. Dr. Desiree Verweij (The Netherlands)
    Ms. Ivana Gošić (Serbia, Secretary)

Experts of the jury for the German and French languages:

  1. Dr. Florian Demont (Switzerland, German language);
  2. Col. Reinhold Janke (Germany, German language);
  3. Pasteur Olivier Risnes (France, French language);
  4. Eric Germain PhD (France, French language).

Regulations and more information – Downloads


The prize 2018 is supported financially by the Institut für Religion und Frieden, Brill Nijhoff, vfonds and Spurgeon’s College.