EuroISME Executive Director dr. Ted van Baarda gives a lecture in Tunis

Executive Director Ted van Baarda speaks in Tunis at the invitation of the Tunisian Government and DCAF

At the initiative of the Office of the Presidency of the Tunisian Government and in co-operation with DCAF, Executive Director Dr. Ted van Baarda spoke at a conference on military ethics on Friday, 14th June 2019. The conference followed an diagnosis of public sector integrity (Integrity scan, OECD, 2013).

The objective of the conference was to enable the Defence Ministry to finalise its draft code on military ethics and to promote a reflection on the mechanisms concerning its implementation. It was attended by approximately 70 participants from the Ministries of the Defence, the Interior, International Cooperation and invitees from the civic society.

In his presentation, Ted van Baarda emphasised, both, the need to find a balance between professional military ethics and organisational ethics, and also between four methods of dissemination & implementation, being (1) the approach of compliance & controls; (2) the values-based approach; (3) dilemma training; (4) the introduction of moral problems in war games. He also expressed EuroISME’s willingness to co-operate with the Tunisian Government and DCAF, if so requested.