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      Dear Colleagues,
      I am very happy to announce the publication of The Ethics of Insurgency: A Critical Guide to Just Guerrilla Warfare
      The Ethics of Insurgency considers just war and the law of armed conflict from the perspective of guerrillas and insurgents waging war since the fall of the Soviet Union, and provides a close look at the tactics they employ: IEDs, rockets, human shields, targeted killing, kidnapping, terrorism and cyber terrorism, economic warfare, public diplomacy and propaganda, and nonviolent resistance. The book concludes with qualified support for modifying the rules of war to accommodate just guerrilla warfare.

      Information is available at the link above. The book can be ordered HERE at a discount. No code is necessary.

      The Ethics of Insurgency is written for undergraduates and graduate students and also offers what I hope is a concise and challenging framework for courses in just war, asymmetric conflict, insurgency, the law of armed conflict and international humanitarian law. If you would like to consider the book for classroom adoption, please write to me by return mail and I will ask the publisher to send you an inspection copy directly.

      Thanks and best wishes, Michael

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