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Greetings of the President

Dear members and friends of EuroISME,

At the beginning of 2019, all the members of the Board join with me to wish you a year in which all your professional, personal and family projects are successful and your expectations are met.

For EuroISME, this year will be devoted mainly to the continuation of our many projects and especially to the organization of our 9th conference, which will take place in Vienna (Austria) from 22 to 24 May 2019. Our host will be the Defence academy of the Austrian Armed Forces and we hope to see as many of you there as in 2018 in Toledo.

The theme chosen for the conference “Dissent and Voice in the Military” may also be an inspiration for the candidates for our 3rd Military Ethics Prize, which will be presented at our conference, even if they have a free choice for the theme of their submission.

We would also like to congratulate once again the winners of the 2018 prize for the very high quality of their work: Major Ilse Verdiesen (1st prize), from the Dutch Army for her thesis “Agency perception and moral values ​​related to Autonomous Weapons” and Lieutenant Colonel David Glendenning (2nd prize), from the UK Army for his thesis: “Who really sets the bearing on my moral compass?”

At the beginning of 2019, we also wish to renew our heartfelt and sincere thanks to the Léopold Meyer Foundation for its generous and faithful support. It allows all EuroISME members to promote humanitarian and altruistic values ​​in Europe and beyond, through the many edeavours on military ethics to which we contribute.

Finally, we wish the best of success to all the ethical projects carried by our members and our partners, projects that we will collectively support whenever we can, in order to work for a better use of armed force, in accordance with international law and human dignity.

Happy New Year 2019 to everyone!
Benoît Royal


Général de Brigade (2S) Benoît Royal

Général de Brigade (2S) Benoît Royal, Président l’Euro-ISME

You can learn more about the organisation of the 9th Annual Conference and the Call for Papers in the following article :
REGISTRATION is NOW OPEN for the 9th EuroISME Annual Conference 2019 – Theme : Dissent and Voice in the Military – 22 to 24 May 2019 at the Austrian Defense Academy, Vienna”