The Family of Human Beings – One in Worth and Dignity

In the May EuroISME Blog contribution, former European Court of Human Rights judge Hanne Sophie Greve takes the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II to ask what we have learned from history and whether we meet the high aims set with the establishment of the UN after the war. She warns that it is not sufficient to legally guarantee the Dignity and the Worth […]

When should soldiers say no?

David Whetham asks the questions when and under what circumstances soldiers should say no and become conscientious objectors : We are looking forward to your comments and reactions !

Neutrality in the laws of war

In our February 2015 edition of the "Topic of the Month", Ted van Baarda gives you some reflections on the meaning of the term "Neutrality" for the laws of war and its connection to the moral justification of war. His contribution here is an abbreviated version of a speech that he held on November 14, 2014, at the conference “The illusion of the peace disturbed. The Peace Palace and the First World War” at the Peace Palace in The Hague.
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    Berlin Security Conference 2014 : «European Military Ethics Award» for Zebis

Berlin Security Conference 2014 : «European Military Ethics Award» for Zebis

The Zebis - Center for Ethical Education in the Armed Forces (Hamburg/Germany) - wins the first edition of the « Special Prize for Military Ethics ». For the first time, Euro-ISME has participated in the Consortium which rewards every year "outstanding efforts towards promoting European citizenship and European security and defense awareness”. Read the short report from the Awarding Ceremony during the Berlin Security Conference 2014.
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    Zebis international E-Journal “Ethics and Armed Forces” now online

Zebis international E-Journal “Ethics and Armed Forces” now online

It had been promised by the Centre for Ethical Education in the Armed Forces (Zebis) at our 4th Annual Euro-ISME Conference. Now it is online : "Ethics and Armed Forces" is the first international E-Journal and platform for critcally examination of recent issues of military ethics and security culture. Read and discuss it in our Forum!

4th Annual Euro-ISME Conference 2014 – Conference Report

The 4th Annual Euro-ISME Conference took part from 25th to 28th of may 2014 at the Leadership Training Center of the Federal Armed Forces in Koblenz (Germany). More than 100 ISME members and representatives from different professional communities interested in military ethics exchanged their views on "Didactics of Military Ethics" The key question was how to bring theory into practical experience. Read the conference report and enjoy the photo gallery.

Does a european military ethic exist ?

We inaugurate this new platform for a regular exchange of views on up-to-date questions with a reflection of Dr. Henri HUDE, philosopher, director of the “ethics and juridical environment” branch of the Research Centre of the French Military Academy St-Cyr Coëtquidan and Vice-president of Euro-ISME analysing the question: Does it make sense to talk about a European code of military ethics? We sincerely invite you to study his critique and […]

Euro-ISME receives European Award

As part of the European Awards for Citizenship, Security and Defence , the European Chapter of the International Society of Military Ethics (Euro-ISME) received a special prize in the category «Europe of Peace». The award was mainly adjudicated in recognition of Euro-ISME’s ongoing engagement in providing a European forum for discussing issues relating to military ethics. The certificate especially emphasises the “research initiatives and the valorisation of reference models in the area of military ethics”.
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Symposium at Bogota

From October 7th to 11th, 2013 in Bogotá, an important delegation from EURO-ISME, headed by its president Benoît Royal, had the opportunity to contribute to the success of the II. International Symposium on Military Ethics organized by the Colombian War College under the title "The Peace Process and the ethical challenges for the military". The event gathered more than 350 participants and speakers coming not only from South amd North America and Canada, but also from Europe and Africa.
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3rd Annual Conference Euro-ISME

Sur le thème "Réconciliation et Reconstruction" - Enjeux éthiques en zones de conflits et sur les théâtres intérieurs La centaine de participants était unanimes après la conférence : Euro-ISME est sur ​​la bonne voie de devenir une société académique internationalement reconnue et exerçant son influence dans de multiples champs d’action.
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