Euro-ISME Book Series “International Studies on Military Ethics”.

The Series is edited under the auspices of the International Society for Military Ethics in Europe (Euro-ISME).

The Series Editorial Board consists of 9 members (in alphabetical order) :
1 – Dr. Ted van Baarda, editor-in-chief, The Netherlands. Email:
2 – Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Elßner, Zentrum für innere Führung, Bundeswehr, Germany
3 – Prof. Dr. Juha Mäkinen, National Defence University, Finland
4 – Dr Patrick Mileham, Vice-chairman, Council of Military Education Commitees of United Kingdom Universities
5 – Prof. Dr. Per Bauhn, Linnæus University, Sweden
6 – Prof. Dr. Henri Hude, Centre de Recherche des Écoles de Saint Cyr Coëtqidan, France
7 – Prof. Dr. Bruno Coppieters, Free University Brussels, Belgium
8 – Prof. Dr. (em.) Daniel Thürer, University of Zürich, Switzerland
9 – Prof. Dr. Jovan Babić, University of Belgrade, Serbia

EuroISME publications

Publications within the series:

Volume 1 was officially presented at EuroISME’s conference in Belgrade. Edited by David Whetham and Bradley J. Strawser, the volume “Responsibilities to protect”€ can be ordered by EuroISME members at a discount of 50% off the normal price of € 110,= (postage and handling not included).

Interested members of EuroISME who have fully paid their dues, can buy the book with the discount via the internet. You can write an e-mail to under the heading “volume 1” and indicate your interest. You will subsequently receive a code, with which you can use to order one copy of the book directly from the publisher’s website. The code is only valid for individual members – not for institutions – for a limited period and can only be used through the site If the volume is ordered through other channels, such as a book shop, the code will not work.




The third volume in EuroISME’s book series on military ethics will be presented at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels, on May 31, 2017. Focussing on ethics and leadership, the volume is unique in the sense that it treats ethics and leadership as a single domain, rather than as separate phenomena. Edited by Peter Olsthoorn, it offers perspectives from both practitioners – such as ISAF veterans – and well-known academics. Among the contributing authors are Deane Peter-Baker on Special Forces and ethics, Patrick Mileham on Military Integrity, Lt.Col. Steve Hart on Ethics in small units. The detailed table of contents can be found on the website of the publisher, Brill/Martinus Nijhoff, at:

Members of EuroISME can receive a 50% discount on all books which have appeared in the series; they can either buy the book at the publisher’s book stand which will be present at EuroISME’s conference in Brussels, or, if they want to buy the book via the internet, they can contact the Treasurer in order to receive the discount code.


Definition of the book series:

The book series International studies on military ethics was established in 2013. It is a peer reviewed series of monographs, doctorate theses and edited volumes. The Series aims to promote the scholarly analysis and practical teaching of the complete spectrum of military ethics, to include the ethical aspects of the ius ad bellum, the ius in bello, the ius post bellum and the ethical aspects of international peacekeeping. It will, moreover, explore interactions with related fields of interest such as humanitarian assistance, international humanitarian law, emerging military technologies and human rights. The Series will examine the ethical implications of decisions taken at all levels, from senior policy makers to individuals at the tactical level.The authors who publish in the Series will survey the state of the discipline, including emerging and cutting edge areas. As is the case with monographs and theses, the edited volumes aim to influence scholarly discussion and the research agenda for the next five to seven years, to redefine existing areas within the context of international research and to highlight emerging areas. They are aimed primarily at the international academic library market, but they would be used (and may be individually purchased) by academics, senior military officers, policy makers, researchers and postgraduate students. The book series aims to publish at the academic level (category ‘A’) which implies that strict standards of scholarship apply.


The Series is published with Martinus Nijhoff, an imprint of Brill publishers.


Authors who submit an article in the context of EuroISME’s annual conference can proceed according to the call for papers. They should bear in mind that fully developed articles will be prioritised. The authors thereof will be contacted by the volume editor concerned. The volume editor will select the articles in consultation with the Series Editorial Board.Authors of monographs, theses, etc, are invited to contact the Series chief editor, Ted van Baarda, at A summary of some 250 words will be appreciated. Please do not send complete manuscripts yet. EuroISME does not accept responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts.

Eligible manuscripts

Four types of manuscripts are eligible for consideration. These are: (1) conceptual analyses, i.e. papers of a philosophical nature; (2) empirical analyses, i.e. papers which have gathered data by means of interviews, statistics, etc; (3) participatory action research, i.e. papers whereby the author has participated in the developments which he has researched methodically; (4) self-reflective eye witness accounts, which demonstrate the phronesis and Bildung of the author.