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Месячные архивы: Февраль 2016

6-я ежегодная конференция Euro-ISME

At our conference in Norway, we intend to discuss the ethical questions of counter-terrorism for the military, with an emphasis on its counter-terrorist role in our home countries. If you wish to submit a paper, please submit your proposal –written in the English language – to

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A peaceful world – a realistic utopia?

The Editions Charles Léopold Mayer, with the cooperation of EuroISME, have published a book that will find interested readers among the members of EuroISME:

Général Jean Cot: Un monde en paix – Une utopie réaliste ? (book in French language)

Summary given by the publisher
A peaceful word? Can we believe in it whilst the number of intra-state conflicts increases and tensions rise in many regions of the world? The author analyses […]