D-A-CH-Meeting: Group Photo of the participants

D-A-CH-Community in the field of military ethics meets in Koblenz for yearly conference 2019

For three days, national and international experts from the armed forces, churches, academies and the Ministries of Defense gathered at the Leadership Training Center (Innere Führung) in Koblenz. From June 17th to June 19th, under the professional chair of the Central Contact Point for Ethics Education (ZEthA).they discussed the interesting question “What is military ethics” , exchanged their ideas on leadership training and reinforced contacts.

Ethical acting and behavior affects not only the outer space, but also the internal structure, the motivation and personality. The aim of ethical education is to convey values and a sense of responsibility to all members of the armed forces at all levels in order to strengthen their physical and mental resilience.

The international exchange of knowledge provides new perspectives and ideas for ethics training in the forces. The common ethical foundations of military action are thus also a clear sign of a common leadership culture in the European armed forces.

The proven dialogue between experts and the networking with the support of EuroISME will continue. The yearly D-A-CH Ethics Conference 2020 will be organised by partners in Switzerland.