On May 13, 2018, in Toledo (Spain), , the EuroISME Prize for Best Master’s Thesis (MA) in the field of military ethics was awarded for the second time.

View the award ceremony video:

If you would like to go through faster : here are the “intercept times” for the different segments:

00:00:10 Introduction by Prof.Dr. Philip McCormack, President of the Jury
00:06:14 Thanks by Lt.Col. David Glendenning, winner of the 2nd prize, Theme of the thesis “Who really sets the bearing on my moral compass?”
00:21:31 Laudatio, for the Jury to the winner of the 1st prize, given by Lt.Col. (rtd) Dr. Daniel Beaudoin
00:26:05 Thanks by Major Ilsee Verdiesen, winner of the 1st prize, theme :”Agency perception and moral values related to Autonomous Weapons: an empirical study using the Value-Sensitive Design Approach”

As a reminder, it is now possible to submit your candidature for the EuroISME Prize 2020.
(–>> Here you can download general information about participating in the campaign for the “Best Master Thesis on Military Ethics 2020”)