During the 9th annual EuroISME Conference in Vienna, the prize for the best students thesis has been awarded:

First prize: Marcus Curran, University of Portsmouth, with the thesis “Towards a genealogy of precision in discourse of drone warfare

Download the PDF cahier of the winning thesis here

Second prize: Lt.Col. Lloyd Pritchard, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, with the thesis “Is just war theory a credible tool to explain contemporary war, globally?

Download PDF cahier of the 2nd prize thesis here

Honourable citation: Maximillian Görgens, University of Hamburg, with the thesis (in German): “Die Transformation vom bewaffneten zum politischen Akteur als Beitrag zum Frieden? Die FARC in Kolumbien?

PdF-Cahiers of the winning theses Edition 2019 are available here :
1st Prize – “Agency perception and moral values related to Autonomous Weapons” (actually not available because of conveyance of copyrights)
2nd Prize – “Who really sets the bearing on my moral compass?” (4MB)

From now on, it is possible to submit a thesis for the 2020 prize.
(–>> Here you can download the factsheet for candidates)