On 7-8 November 2017, the inaugural conference took place in Canberra, Australia, of APAC ISME – the Asia-Pacific chapter of the International Society on Military Ethics. Thus, APAC ISME became the third member of the ISME ‘family’. At the conference, EuroISME was represented by a small delegation headed by Senior Vice President, Dr. David Whetham, and the North American ISME by its President, Prof. Dr. George R. Lucas.

You can download the conference program –>> here!

It is anticipated that APAC ISME will hold a conference every second year, rather than every year, because of the large distances which the participants have to cover.

Photo: Prof George R Lucas Jr, President of North American ISME, delivering one of the keynote lectures at the inaugural APAC ISME conference at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra.