As part of an ongoing friendship between the two organizations, director of the Colombian War College (ESDEGUE), Major General Juan Carlos Salazar Salazar, requested Euro ISME to help support the country’s 2nd Military Ethics Seminar in September 2016.


Euro ISME Vice President, Dr David Whetham from King’s College London, delivered the opening session on ethical decision making tools for military commanders, and taking questions on a wide range of military ethics topics. With the long-awaited but now imminent signing of the peace deal between the Colombian government and the FARC as a backdrop, Dr Whetham also co presented a number of workshops on Implementing Peace Agreements with ex combatant and peace activist Jon McCourt from Northern Ireland.


These Interactive sessions were held at Antonio Narino university with postgraduates from Sergio Arboleda University also attending, as well as at the Military University Nueva Grenada. The workshops gave staff and students an opportunity to explore the experience of the Northern Irish Peace Process and the challenges of its implementation, and draw lessons for their own country’s future.