The newest “Zebis International E-Journal”
calls for “Controversies in Military Ethics & Security Policy” on
“Conflict Zone Cyberspace: Prospects for Security and Peace

Euro-ISME wants to contribute to the discourse! This is why we regularly make the release of a new edition of the Zebis E-Journal a “News Topic”. And we call upon our members and friends, not only through Europe but purposefully also across the Atlantic Ocean, to participate in the discussion in our Forum about the place of the soldier and the role of Armed forces in Peace Building in the 21st century, characterised by increasing multinational integration, complexity of crises and use of high-technology.

With the newest edition of it’s biannual E-Journal, the Hamburg based “Centre for Ethical Education in the Armed Forces”, which is one of our Institutional Members, initiates a debate on the very topical questions What cyberwar exactly is and what we mean by the term? Could it occur outside of Hollywood sci-fi thrillers? In light of high-profile attacks and the daily activities of criminals and infiltrators in cyberspace, these questions may seem provocative. According to the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), there were around 800 million types of malware in circulation in 2018, 25 percent more than in the previous year. But the editorial team at “Ethics and Armed Forces” has nevertheless decided to press the metaphorical reset button.

We are pleased to open our Forum again for your comments on this controversial topic.

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