Promised by Zebis at our 4th Annual Euro-ISME Conference 2014

now online : The first international E-Journal

“Ethics and Armed Forces”

Controversies in Military Ethics & Security Policy

It had been promised by the Centre for Ethical Education in the Armed Forces (Zebis) at our 4th Annual Euro-ISME Conference in May 2014 in Koblenz. Now it is online : “Ethics and Armed Forces”, the first international E-Journal and platform for critcally examination of recent issues of military ethics and security culture.

„Ethics and Armed Forces“ shall allow different target groups, such as military, military chaplains, academics, and politicians, but also a broader public opinion, to get informed an a biannual basis on current ethical issues affecting the orientation of modern armed forces.

Just in time for an expert consultation on the acquisition of armed drones for the Federal Armed Forces in the frame of the Defence Committee of the Bundestag, the editorial team has touched a “hot potato” for the now published first edition of the E-Journal:

“Anonymous Killing by new Technologies? The Soldier between Conscience and Machine”