The International Society for Military Ethics in Europe

Is military ethics keeping pace with the changing character of warfare?

Venue: Ludovika University, Budapest, Hungary

Date: 18-20 May 2022

At the annual conference 2022, private military companies, cyber warfare, space warfare and information warfare are phenomena which will be considered. Also, while ‘military ethics’ is traditionally considered to be a niche for the professional military, modern developments mentioned blur the distinction between military roles and non-military roles, while also blurring the distinction between the laws of war and the laws governing peace. Inevitably, this has profound implication for the protection of civilians and the operations of humanitarian organisations.
All members of EuroISME’s audience are welcome to commence to collect their thoughts on the question how to maintain a minimum standard of ethics and integrity under such difficult circumstances.

Conference Program

You can download the program here (PDF).

Registration & Practical Information

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We thank the Ludovika University in Budapest for its kind hospitality by hosting EuroISME’s next conference.

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Photo by Dan Novac on Unsplash

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