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 Le dernier numéro du Zebis International E-Journal Ethique et Forces Armées (2023/1) est en ligne.

"Résilience - aspects de competence en crise"

With the newest edition of it’s biannual E-Journal, the Hamburg based “Centre for Ethical Education in the Armed Forces”, which is one of our Institutional Members, initiates a debate on aspects of personal and societal resilience.

Euro-ISME wants to contribute to the discourse! This is why we make the release of every new edition of the Zebis E-Journal a “EuroISME News Topic”.
And we call upon our members and friends, not only through Europe but purposefully also across the Atlantic Ocean, to participate in the discussion about the place of the soldier and the role of Armed forces in Peace Building in the 21st century

The cover photo of this issue shows a Ukrainian soldier in the trench near Bakhmut.
The photographers Kostyantin and Vlada Liberov took this and other harrowing pictures of the Ukrainian war. It is emblematic of the Ukrainians’ spirit of resistance.

Renowned authors from various disciplines, from science and practice, from the military and politics, introduce the topic in their essays and delve into individual aspects.

Read here the editorial by Rüdiger Frank, research associate at zebis, and more information about the authors.

We are pleased to open our platform again for your comments on these captivating issues.




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