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 Webinar N° 8 :
What is the most important issue for military ethics  - now  and in the immediate future?

 Date and Time

 Monday 30 January 2023
 17h00 Central European time/1600 UK time

Watch the recording of the event at the end of this page.


Do experts from different generations view the most important issue for military ethics differently?

There are so many issues which cry out for attention in the field of military ethics.
But what are the key issues we should be focusing on? What external factors are driving the way in which military ethics is changing to face these new challenges.
Should military ethics simply be responsive to these external factors or should it be more proactive?

These are common questions to those who think deeply about the subject.
But do different generations view the impact of these challenges differently and do they identify different priorities for the future?

Three eloquent panellists from different generations will come together on 30 January to give their personal views on this question.

There will be time after the presentations for comments and questions.

So please be ready to give your own view on what the key issue(s) are right now.


Our 3 confirmed panellists are (in alphabetical order)

Stephanie Erwin : The Director, Program Assessments and Institutional Research and Assistant Professor at the USAF Air Command and Staff College, Montgomery Alabama.

Francisco Lobo :  A Chilean doctoral researcher, Department of War Studies, King's College London.
He has a master’s degree in international Legal Studies (NYU).and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in International Law (University of Chile.
His main areas of research are military ethics, moral philosophy, international law and the use of force, human rights and human dignity.

Joseph Moesel : A priest in the Church of England and a former Assistant Chaplain General to the British Army.

Watch the recording of the event


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