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Webinar N° 9 : Addressing new generational, socio-cultural and technological challenges in teaching IHL and military ethics

The education of armed forces in the ethical conduct of combat and war is a critical, and yet underexplored facet of the literature and practice of military ethics. In this webinar we will discuss some of the challenges that military ethics pedagogics faces. Meeting these challenges is necessary if we wish to further educate armed forces in the ethical and proportionate use of force.


Ruben Stewart

Ruben Stewart is a retired New Zealand Army officer but more recently a humanitarian who has spent over 15 years in the field working in East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Sudan, South Sudan to name but a few. He is now based in Geneva where he works as an advisor in the ICRC’s Unit responsible for Relations with Arms Carriers, where he focuses on Non-State Armed Groups, battlefield behaviour and future conflict trends especially related to technology. He has a Master’s degree in International Relations and has authored a number of articles in various military journals.

Major Daniela Schmitz-Wortmeyer

Daniela Schmitz Wortmeyer is a psychologist and a commissioned officer of the Brazilian Army Complementary Officer Corps. She graduated in Psychology at the Regional University of Blumenau, obtained her master degree in Social Psychology from the State University of Rio de Janeiro and PhD in Human Development Processes from the University of Brasilia. During her doctoral studies, she attended a PhD enhancement period at the Centre for Cultural Psychology of Aalborg University, Denmark. As a psychologist in the military, Daniela has worked mainly in educational and organizational areas, with a focus on promoting individual and collective development in institutional settings. Her research trajectory has focused on military culture and socialization, especially with regard to moral and ethical development in this context. She edited the book Deep Loyalties: Values in Military Lives, series Advances in Cultural Psychology, Information Age Publishing, 2022.

Daniel Beaudoin

Daniel Beaudoin is a retired Lt. Col. (Phd) from the Israel Defense Forces, and a lecturer on the politics of humanitarian aid, military ethics, humanitarian diplomacy, and civil military cooperation. His teaching, workshops and research draws on his military experience as foreign media relations officer with the IDF spokesperson unit, and as as a facilitator between the international humanian and foreign aid community in the West Bank and Gaza (UN, World Bank, EU, EC ICRC embassies and others), and the Israeli security and political institutions (General Security Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence).
Daniel is also co-Executive Director at EuroISME.


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