The International Society for Military Ethics in Europe

Being the general directing body of the association, the Board sets the main direction for the activities of the association and gives guidance to its daily management.

The current Board of Directors (BoD) – as elected in May 2020 – is composed of the following members:

Thomas President: Air Commodore (retd.) John Thomas (UK)
John Thomas served for over 30 years in the UK Royal Air Force, specialising in international relations at the political/military level. His main military ethics interests are the impact of good leadership on ethical behaviour and ethical decision making at the strategic level.

Vice-President: Prof. Dr. Thomas R. Elßner (GER)
Thomas Elßner served over 10 years as a Military Chaplain and lecturer for ethical education at the Leadership Training Center of the Federal Armed Forces in Koblenz. Since 2017 he was branch chief in the Catholic Military Bishop's Office, where he is (i.a.) responsible for Professional Military Ethics Education, Ethics of Peace and "Live Skills Education". 


Vice-President: Prof. Dr. David Whetham (UK)
David Whetham is Professor of Ethics at the Defence Studies Department of King’s College London, based at the Joint Services Command and Staff College/UK Defence Academy where he coordinates the military ethics component of courses for about two thousand British and international officers a year.

Executive Directors
vanBaarda Dr. Ted van Baarda (NL)
Dr. Ted van Baarda is a member of the Founding Board of EuroISME. Before being appointed Executive Director in 2015, he taught military ethics at the Netherlands Defence College, and he was a guest lecturer at the Rwanda Military Academy.
Beaudoin LtCol (Res.) Dr. Daniel Beaudoin (ISR)
Daniel Beaudoin is a professor at Tel Aviv University, where he teaches on humanitarian diplomacy, the politics of aid, and human rights. He delivers workshops on humanitarian crisis management and has significant experience in facilitating humanitarian operations in complex emergencies.

Dr. Magdalena Revue (FR)
Magdalena Revue, PhD in Contemporary History, taught German history, language and civilization for 17 years at the training academy for officers of the French army in Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan. She is a researcher at the Saint-Cyr Research Centre (CREC) in military history and ethics.


Board Members (in alphabetical order)

Prof. Dr. Jovan Babić (SER)
Jovan Babić is Professor of Ethics at Belgrade University. He authored and edited several books and more than hundred journal articles. His research interests include Kantian Ethics, Applied ethics (particularly Business Ethics, International Ethics, Ethics of War), and Social Ontology.

Dewyn Captain Dr. Michaël Dewyn (BE)
Michaël Dewyn is Captain in the Belgian Army and doctor in Philosophy and Moral Sciences. He works as Assistant Professor of Military Ethics at the Chair of Philosophy at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels.
Ertl Dr. Paul Ertl (AU)
Paul Ertl served 15 years in the Austrian Armed Forces. He heads the Department of “Innere Ordnung” (Conduct & Cohesion of the Forces) at the National Defence Academy in Vienna. In addition to military ethics, his teaching, publication and research interests include military sociology, medical anthropology and philosophy of science.
Kashnikov Col (ret.) Prof. Dr. Boris Kashnikov (RU)
Boris Kashnikov is a professor at National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Moscow. His main research interest is in political and moral philosophy of war and peace. In 1993-1994, he served in the Former Yugoslavia in international protection forces.
Messelken Dr. Daniel Messelken (CH)
Daniel Messelken is a researcher at the Center for Ethics at the University of Zurich and leader of the Zurich Center for Military Medical Ethics. He is also Head Ethics Teacher of the ICMM's Center of Reference for Education on IHL and Ethics.

Dr. Patrick Mileham (UK)
Patrick Mileham had operational experience in the British Army in South Arabia and Northern Ireland. Graduate of Cambridge and Lancaster universities. He is the author of several books on military history an leadership and editor of the 6th volume of EuroISME series' book entitled "Jus Post Bellum. Restraint, Stabilisation and Peace". 

Peperkamp  Dr. Lonneke Peperkamp (NL)
Lonneke Peperkamp is assistant professor Philosophy of Law at the Radboud University Nijmegen, and research fellow at the European University Institute in Florence and the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Her research interests are: just war theory, peace building, global justice, human rights, and space security.

Colonel (ret.) Manfred Rosenberger (GER)
Manfred Rosenberger served for over 35 years in the Federal Armed Forces of Germany. In different appointments to the German and to the French MoDs as well as the Federal Acadamy for Security Policy he gained experiences in multinational cooperation and European defense.

User Icon  Dr. Dragan Stanar (SER)
Associate Professor of Ethics at the Faculty of International Politics and Security in Belgrade and Professor of Military Ethics at the Military Academy in Belgrade. Editor-in-chief of the online Ethics of Peace and War collection. SAF officer in reserve.
User Icon Ivana Gosic (SER)
Ivana Gosic is Euro ISME’s secretary since 2016 and at the same time engaged as a component manager on the project related to support to strategic management and EU integration capacity development of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior in Belgrade.

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