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The book series International Studies on Military Ethics was established in 2013. It is a peer reviewed series of monographs, doctorate theses and edited volumes.

The Series aims to promote the scholarly analysis and practical teaching of the complete spectrum of military ethics, to include the ethical aspects of the ius ad bellum, the ius in bello, the ius post bellum and the ethical aspects of international peacekeeping. It will, moreover, explore interactions with related fields of interest such as humanitarian assistance, international humanitarian law, emerging military technologies and human rights. The Series will examine the ethical implications of decisions taken at all levels, from senior policy makers to individuals at the tactical level.

The authors who publish in the Series will survey the state of the discipline, including emerging and cutting edge areas. As is the case with monographs and theses, the edited volumes aim to influence scholarly discussion and the research agenda for the next five to seven years, to redefine existing areas within the context of international research and to highlight emerging areas. They are aimed primarily at the international academic library market, but they would be used (and may be individually purchased) by academics, senior military officers, policy makers, researchers and postgraduate students. The book series aims to publish at the academic level (category ‘A’) which implies that strict standards of scholarship apply.


The EuroISME Series is published with Martinus Nijhoff, an imprint of Brill publishers.

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