The International Society for Military Ethics in Europe

EuroISME was founded in 2011. It was the first organisation to bring together scientists, academics and military practitioners working in the field of professional military ethics. The inaugural conference was held at the renown École Militaire in Paris. Since then, EuroISME has held annual conferences in different European venues. These conferences are now firmly established as one of the most important ones in their field.

Other international meetings or seminars are occasionally co-organised by EuroISME with or hosted by our institutional members.

Upcoming annual conference

EuroISME Annual Conference 2022 
on the "Changing Character of Warfare"

‘The character of warfare is changing...’ is a statement that has been made many times. Although it
might now be almost a cliché, it remains nevertheless fundamentally true in various ways: The
distinction between peace and war is occasionally elusive, weaponry is changing while military
tactics are evolving as well. In addition, the traditional boundaries of the physical battlefield are
becoming blurred or sometimes even erased altogether.
We also now understand ‘security’ to mean long term economic security and good
governance, not merely the absence of armed conflict. The elimination of the pending threats to
domestic and international security, even by non-military means should also be regarded as a matter
of military ethics in broader sense of the term. The current pandemic has added a further
developing dimension to this picture.
These are some of the issues which we shall be exploring during our 2022 conference. It
will be an opportunity for experts and advocates from a broad range of specialisations (for example,
technology, humanitarian, political and social scientists) as well as those more directly concerned
with conventional military ethics to exchange ideas, fuel debate and seek better outcomes.
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 Next online event

 November 10, 2021

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Previous Conferences – Reports

Reports of previous conferences are published on the respective subpages. Please consult the overview here or use the direct links in the menu.

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