The International Society for Military Ethics in Europe
Leadership. Ethics. Service.

  • David Whetham and Bradley J. Strawser (eds)
    Responsibilities to Protect: Perspectives in Theory and Practice (published in March 2015)
  • Thomas Elssner & Reinhold Janke (eds)
    The didactics of military ethics (published in May 2016)
  • Peter Olsthoorn (ed)
    Military Ethics and Leadership (available since June 2017)
  • Magdalena Revue and Marie-des-Neiges Ruffo de Calabre (eds)
    Ethics in counter-terrorism (published in May 2018)
  • Samantha Hope
    Preventing Sexual Violence as a Weapon of War / Verhinderung sexueller Gewalt als Kriegswaffe / Prévenir la violence sexuelle en tant qu’arme de guerre (published in April 2019)
  • Patrick Mileham (ed)
    Ius Post Bellium: Restraint, Stabilisation and Peace (published in May 2020)
  • Ilse Vediesen
    Agency Perception and Moral Values Related to Autonomous Weapons (Vol.7) (May 2021)
  • Bernhard Koch and Richard Schoonhoven (eds)
    Emerging Military Technologies. Ethical and Legal Perspectives (Vol.8) ( April 2022)

  • Désirée Verweij, Peter Olsthoorn, Eva van Baarle (eds)
    Ethics and Military Practice (Vol.9) ( April 2022)

  • Dragan Stanar and Kristina Tonn (eds)
    The Ethics of Urban Warfare (Vol.10) (2023)

The full list can also be accessed on the publisher's homepage:


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