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The EuroISME’s Occasional Papers series is a second line of publications, next to EuroISME’s book series. The submitted Occasional Papers may be too short to merit a stand-alone volume, or they do they necessarily fit into one of EuroISME’s conference volumes. They are peer reviewed and can be published quickly when needed.

They aim of the Occasional Paper series is to discuss topical subjects on military ethics and they will be published on an open-access basis on EuroISME’s website.

Publications in the EuroISME Occasional Papers series


Charles Knight and Li Ji: The realities of war: recognising and planning for the decisive role of media on the urban battlefield. With a journalist’s perspective from Hugh Riminton
EuroISME Occasional Paper No. 3, 2021.
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Tom Clonan: Surviving whistleblowing in the military – a personal, professional and ethical journey.
EuroISME Occasional Paper No. 2, 2020.
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Florian Demont: Military leadership: through dissent against moral disengagement.
EuroISME Occasional Paper No. 1, 2020.
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