The International Society for Military Ethics in Europe

The winning thesis of the EuroISME Prize for the best European thesis on military ethics are regularly published as PDF cahiers in English, French, and German on our website.

Winning Thesis 2020

1st prize – Julia Franziska Maria Böcker. "In the face of such 'unspeakable truths', would it not be better to siply, silently, bow down?" Fragen juristischer, politischer und ethischer Aufarbeitung des Völkermords an den Herero und Nama.

  • Not yet available | Pas encore publié | Noch nicht verfügbar.

2nd prize – Louise Henton. Military Culture and Human Rights Violations Committed in Iraq in 2003. Has the Military Learnt its Lessons?

Winning Thesis 2019

1st prize – Marcus Curran, Towards a genealogy of precision in discourse of drone warfare.

2nd prize – Lloyd Pritchard, Is just war theory a credible tool to explain contemporary war, globally?

Honourable citation – Maximillian Görgens, Die Transformation vom bewaffneten zum politischen Akteur als Beitrag zum Frieden? Die FARC in Kolumbien?

Winning Thesis 2018

1st Prize – Ilse Verdiesen, Agency perception and moral values related to Autonomous Weapons

2nd Prize – David C. Glendenning, Who really sets the bearing on my moral compass?

Winning Thesis 2017

EuroISME Vol51st Prize – Samantha J. Hope, Is it possible to prevent sexual violence against women, men and children, or only to manage the after-effects?

The winning thesis of Samantha Hope is also available as Volume 5 of our book series. Click here for more information.


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