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EuroISME Annual Conference 2024 Submissions

Please use the following form to submit proposals for EuroISME's annual conference 2024.

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The following submissions are welcomed:

  • Professional submissions. This concerns submissions of both the military (active or retired) or academics. The submissions are 850-1000 words (that is two or three pages) in length. These submissions need to give: 1) discuss the societal relevance of the proposed topic; 2) a definition of the research problem; and 3) a summary of conclusions. For academics, we appreciate a description of the research method. Professional submissions will be given a right of priority if the number of submissions received exceeds the number of time-slots available.
  • Full panel submissions. We define a panel session as a time-slot of 90 minutes. A panel has preferably 3, though a maximum of 4, presentations, to be followed by some 20 minutes for questions and answers. Such panels need to consist of persons of at least two different nationalities, and the Programme Committee will maintain this rule. With three presentations, each presenter has 20 minutes (15 minutes with 4 presentations). A full panel submission will contain the submissions of each of the panellists plus the title of the full panel and the Point of Contact on behalf of that panel. A full panel submission should be made by means of a comprehensive email, which includes all the presentation which will be made in that panel. At request, EuroISME can assist in seeking a moderator or a presenter for a near-complete panel proposal.
  • Brief submissions. Submissions of 250-350 words will be welcomed by the Programme Committee in much the same way as in previous years. If, however, the number of submissions received is greater than the number of time-slots available, a preference will be given to professional submissions and full panel submissions.
  • Student’s submissions/poster session. EuroISME specifically invites cadets, midshipmen and civilian students (Executive Masters or Academic Masters) to submit. This may concern: (1) a submission on research which has been recently concluded, but also (2) on on-going research, whereby the author would appreciate receive input from the audience. During the poster session, each selected student will receive 10 minutes to present his/her research to the plenary. Subsequently, each student will be offered a corner in the conference hall, where they can – literally with the poster which summarises their research – can engage interested members of the audience and solicit their advice. Student’s submissions will be 250 words in length. The authors are strongly encouraged to have a large sheet of paper, perhaps from a flip-over, (approx. size A2) plus crayons or markers in various colours available during the conference.
Note: An abstract of max 300 words will be required for all kinds of submission. The abstracts will be distributed to all conference participants in a book of abstracts.
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Please upload your professional proposal. Accepted formats are PDF, docx, odt. 1MB max file size
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Please upload a description of your proposed panel. Accepted formats are PDF, docx, odt. 1MB max file size
  • The submission of a proposal does not mean that your are registered for the conference.
  • To participate, you must formally register to the conference as well using the confererence registration form.
  • The programme committee will make every effort to inform the authors of submissions by the end of February 2024 as to whether their submission has been accepted. If an author has also applied for financial support to travel to the conference, the procedure may take slightly longer.

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