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War in Ukraine


Dear Members and Friends,

In deciding to invade Ukraine President Putin has in one reckless move spread anarchy into the heart of international relations, in a way not seen in Europe since Nazi Germany’s rise.

This sort of anarchy is the very antithesis of what we in Euro-ISME stand for.

It is our aim to reduce the risks of wars taking place, and when they are inevitable, to reduce the risks to lives and livelihoods to the maximum extent possible so that a durable peace can follow.
The needless and unjustifiable invasion of another independent country flies in the face of these objectives.

States often have disagreements with each other, but in this day and age – and certainly within Europe – rarely do such disagreements result in war.
Diplomacy and good sense normally prevail. For this to happen, there must be honesty from all sides.

It is now clear that this invasion was long in the planning. The stationing of tens of thousands of Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders was not a random or a spur of the moment act.
Even while detailed military planning must have been under way, President Putin persisted in claiming that he was open to diplomatic compromises.

We are dismayed by what we see. The consequences of today’s actions will be felt for years. But we also know that the work we do becomes ever more important in the face of such unethical behaviour.

President Putin will not read this and his mind is already set. But those of you who do read this might wish to join with us in our fight – a fight that is now more important than ever – to promote ethical conduct amongst the leaders of all nations and the forces they command.

The alternative is anarchy and needless suffering.


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Boris Kashnikov replied the topic: #2 2 months 2 weeks ago
The aggression on Ukraine has no excuse, much less any possible justification. This is not even the consideration stemming from realpolitik, because this war is ruinous for Russia more than to any other country. The only tangible purpose for waging it is the personal interest of a small group of oligarchs who usurped power in this country by suppressing democratic freedoms and human rights. They can only hold this power by means of violence inflicted on both their own people and the neighbouring countries. It is true and it is a shame that many people succumbed to ruthless propaganda, but it is also true that the machine of repressions is in full swing on unprecedented level.
Manfred Rosenberger's Avatar
Manfred Rosenberger replied the topic: #3 2 months 2 weeks ago
Dear Boris, thank you very much for your unfearful and enlightening comment !

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