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In view of the vicious attack by Hamas on Israel and the subsequent violence in the Gaza strip, EuroISME has started a moderated blog series.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most complex and intractable conflicts of our time. However, the very fact of this complexity has led to a sharp polarisation of views and the room for reasoned debate and argument is becoming increasingly constrained. A lot is being written & posted which barely rises above the level of prejudice or invective.

Since its inception, EuroISME has been, according to its statutes, a “European forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on professional responsibility and military ethics (….) to promote comprehensive and systematic analysis in the field of military ethics and of the law of armed conflict, in accordance with the principles of human rights.” In these particularly trying times, a forum is needed where thoughtful analyses on the current crisis can be shared and which takes military ethics into account. The blog series aims to make space for this need.

Original Geneva Conventions croppedmohammed ibrahim 9Byl9fDEGlY unsplash

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